Choosing Your Wood Type

Deciding the type of wood to build your kitchen with can be easier said than done. Every species that we carry in our selection of woods can be very versatile in as much as color, style, tone, structure, grain, and more. We recommend setting up a free in home consultation for those who are considering a home kitchen remodel, being that the charm and character of wood can only be fully discovered with a little hands on experience.

There are many types of wood species to consider when designing a kitchen, all of which will produce a different effect and feel in your home. Some things to consider are: wood density, which is a prominent characteristic of wood that will be taken into account in accordance with the type of finish that will be applied; whether that is a paint, a stain, or a natural finish. The density of wood will affect the way it absorbs paints and stains, altering the finished look of your cabinetry. Grain patterns and textures are also important to keep in mind, as well as wood tones, hues, and ring patterns. You may need time to consider whether you prefer the rustic beauty of wood or something more refined and formal.

At Colorado Creative Cabinetry, we offer a selection of 10 different wood species, all of which are furniture grade, and will do very well in your home kitchen, outlasting time and enduring in beauty.

Please take time to read over and get a feel for our options, and you are one step closer to the kitchen of your dreams!

(all pictures shown here are actual samples of CCC doors in natural finish)

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