A new approach

A New Approach

FINALLY… a real solution to refacing/resurfacing


Frank and Andrea live in Perry Park, CO and had their new cabinets installed with their granite in place earlier this year.

Is Cabinet Refacing on Your Mind?

If you have been searching for a way to update your kitchen cabinets but still keep your nice counter tops, you’ve probably been told that refacing or resurfacing is your only option.

You are not alone!

Millions of Americans find themselves in your same situation. You have beautiful granite or quartz counter tops but your cabinets leave much to be desired.
You don’t want to settle for refacing or resurfacing because you know that the same old cabinets will still be there when you open the doors. You dream of fixing the design and functionality problems that have always bothered you.
You wish you could remove that built in desk you never use and add space in places where it’s always been wasted.
You dream of lazy susans in your corners, adding drawers and other features like built in trash cans, spice racks and more!

We are here to help!

After years of seeing customers that weren’t overjoyed with the final outcome of their refacing, resurfacing or painting projects, we decided it was time to come up with an idea that would leave homeowners glowing with excitement! That’s when we developed our proprietary method of installing new custom cabinetry without ever moving the counter tops.

Over the Past 27 years we have fulfilled the dreams of hundreds of happy customers, we want to fulfill yours as well!

The Price Difference?

A typical refacing project,
done the traditional way, consists of about 80% of the materials used for new cabinetry. Likewise, the cost difference between refacing/resurfacing and new cabinets using the same materials, is only about 20%.

Considering the cost difference then,
refacing/resurfacing will cost you on average, only around $5,000 less then our custom kitchen cabinets.
Would you consider refacing a worthwhile savings regarding the home where you and your family spends most of your time?

We have served Colorado customers for almost three decades now and refaced countless kitchens over the years.
Professional and flawless labor was always very hard to find. In the case of refacing/resurfacing, the cost of labor is about the same as the cost of labor included in our brand new cabinet approach. Why pay the same labor costs for refacing only to acheive less satisfactory results than you would with our brand new cabinet approach?