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About Us

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We at Colorado Creative Cabinetry feel that every person deserves to love their kitchen. That’s why we promise you the finest quality cabinetry and kitchen remodel, handmade locally by us. But it doesn’t end there; we also want you to love the value.

We know that so much of our lives and our memories are invested in the time we spend in our kitchens. For this reason we provide a service that few others can- The joy of waking up to a kitchen as unique as you, truly custom, of the highest quality, and absolutely stunning.

Colorado Creative Cabinetry is rich with pleasant surprises awaiting you and your upcoming kitchen remodel. We want you to love your kitchen! And that’s just what’s at the heart of our business, love. And with love, our story begins.

Along with the help of his invaluable friend and business advisor, Steve Kovacik, who came to be known as the ‘Colonel Sanders’ of CCC, they came up with a remarkable business plan. Thanks to his experience working for years in the kitchen remodeling industry, Chris knew exactly what to do, and exactly what was missing, genuine quality, fair pricing, and customer care. The two set out hard at work and Colorado Creative Cabinetry was born, a true custom cabinet shop, capable of taking on an entire kitchen remodel, with unbeatable pricing, and the customer’s desire at heart. Chris’ dream was quickly being realized. After about 10 years of steady progress, and many very happy customers, he could look back at all the good that had been done, not only at work but in his happy marriage with his wife of 25 years and his ten wonderful children who soon began discovering their own niche within the company, helping out and finding a love for honest work, overcoming challenges, and sharing in the joy of all those happy customers.

It all Started back in 1980, when the young Krzystof (Chris) Jablonski made the long journey by ship from his beautiful home country of Poland to spend some time with his extended family in America. It wasn’t long before he was introduced to his lovely future wife Kathy, on frequent visits to her family’s donut shop in Flint, MI. It was love at first sight. The two soon were married and had their first son, Lucas and two daughters to follow, Felicia and Brittany. All the while, Chris was working to provide for his family at a large home improvement company where he did kitchen refacing for several years. After sometime they relocated to Colorado where Chris continued to work and extend his knowledge in the kitchen remodeling business, for his efficiency and quality of work, he quickly rose to becoming the most respected installer in the company. But it wasn’t long before Chris saw the need for something more, having grown at home into a large, strong family of ten children by now, he dreamt of building his own business with the same strong moral foundation, and consideration for the other as he raised his children with, a place where he could employ his skill and his innate appreciation for quality, value, and hard work, while at the same time providing an environment where he could instruct his ten children in those same values.

What We Do

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We have created a truly incomparable design for our company. Rarely found these days, we design, build, and install custom kitchens all by our own hand, with our customers’ desire and budget always at the heart of our work. Working with only top grade materials, and world class employees, we make cabinets as they should be made.

What Makes Us Different?

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Since the day that we opened our doors, we have installed countless kitchens, each one as custom, unique, and personal as its owner. Even in spite of those many challenges and innovations we’ve encountered through the years, we are proud to say that we have never had an unhappy customer, in fact, our customers often say they are more than happy, they are thrilled with the work we’ve done. Our 27 years of maintaining a Gold Star status along with our friends at the Better Business Bureau will be glad to attest to that. We go the extra mile to build relationships, trust, and to serve you, our customer, in the best way possible.

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Where other companies fail to communicate with the customer in order to conceal certain undesirable aspects of the product they are selling, we hide nothing from you, why? Simply because there is nothing to hide. Hands build more attentively than machines, Plywood sheets build better cabinets than particle board, and European hinges and glides cannot be beat, dovetail drawer boxes are of the most sturdy construction and we do not offer any substandard options or lower grade materials. We provide only the finest quality work for the lowest available price. Need we say more?

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We offer no pre-manufactured cabinetry, we are the manufacturer.

Chances have it that most of the kitchen remodeling retailers you’ve been in contact with are offering you someone else’s line of cabinets, and that they are acting as the middle man, this usually means that more expense is involved from the time you order until the cabinets are finally in your home, and how many things can go wrong while communication about your project is spread across the entire country? Walking into your kitchen should never be a haunting memory of the nightmares experienced while having it installed, or regrets of being talked into buying something that fails to fill you with delight. Rest assured that with us, you’ll be in good hands, because the only hands involved in the design, production and installation of your cabinetry are ours.

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Finally, because we do it all. We know the stress and uncertainty involved in any type of home remodeling project, and trying to think of everything from flooring to the faucet. That’s why we’ve selected a few highly trusted contractors to smooth out the worry in all other areas of your remodel, whether you’re in need of a wall out or just can’t seem to find the right light fixtures, we’re always ready to help.